Hostel Hookup

One of our all time favourites, Ryan P is back where he belongs, with his big sweaty feet firmly on ScottXXX ground! Joined by Deacon Hunter, the pair workout in Deacon's basement, and obviously, when Deacon gets cramp in his leg, Ryan is straight in there, offering to massage the leg better. His cheeky face and sexy charm gets the better of Deacon and straight away the pair begin to play with their feet. Ryan worships Deacon's ripe socks straight out of his sliders, then they swap places and Deacon's massive cock shoots an even bigger load all over Ryan's gorgeous, sweaty feet!

Date Added: May 16, 2019
Runtime: 23 minutes
Starring: Ryan P, Deacon Hunter

Hostel Hookup Part 2

It's been a long day. Fit hunk Timmy checks into the hostel and needs to sleep.His roommate is already in bed... Timmy introduces himself and gets comfortable in his bed. Before he knows it, his roommates big sweaty socked feet are hanging over the bed and directly onto Timmy's face. Even though he's tired, he can't resist the smell of the fit lads socks. Timmy and roommate Brett get down to some serious smelly sock business before taking it to the next level!

Date Added: May 1, 2019
Runtime: 11 minutes
Starring: Timmy Harding, Brett Dillan